LTDP-TF Recommendations & Assertions

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This paper updates the initial assertions and recommendations of the task force based on feedback received during the consultation process with the wider community. The decision was taken to minimise prose and maximise the presentation of brief assertions and recommendations. Numerous scoping assertions are included because the work of the task force revealed varying interpretations of key research infrastructure concepts, including preservation.


This work benefits from numerous prior efforts in research data management, curation and preservation, particularly the FAIR Forever report , which notes that “Digital preservation involves the series of managed activities necessary to ensure the continued access to research data for as long as necessary, which encompass actions and interventions throughout the lifecycle—not just at the creation of FAIR data or the transfer and ingest to a certified archival repository”.

Main highlights

This paper informs the final report from this iteration of the LTDP-TF. These assertions and recommendations remain valid for future reference by a range of actors.

While the task force notes the importance of agreeing on standards and developing metrics and tests for assessment, it is important to recognise that repositories and digital objects are in the relatively early stages of a journey towards trustworthiness and FAIRness. Successes should be acknowledged and credited but less mature repositories and digital objects must be invested in for improvement. The Task Force has worked to provide targeted guidance through The Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda and its Multi-Annual Roadmap  that have already resulted in funding calls that will invest in preservation. However, the journey towards agreed community criteria and broad adoption must be seen as a marathon and not a sprint.

Key recommendations

This report represents a consultation to collect feedback on the recommendations made, on the LTDP TF_Recommendations Consultation. This report on assertions and recommendations reflects their long period of public consultation and feedback, related to: Repositories and the Digital Object Lifecycle, Curation & Preservation Levels, FAIR + Time, Preservation Systems, Actions & Outcomes, Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDR) and other Data and Metadata Services, Standards, Assessment, Certification & Alignment, Outcomes, Judgement and Gatekeeping, Retention, Appraisal & Re-Appraisal, Transparency of Services, Artefacts and Levels of Care for Objects, Generic versus Domain, Discipline and Object Type Specific Issues, Roles and Responsibilities, Finance & Funders, and Network of TDRs.

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