EOSC Association

Advancing Open Science in Europe

The EOSC Association works to advance Open Science in the service of creating new knowledge, inspiring education, spurring innovation and promoting accessibility and transparency.

TF co-chairs meeting

Tripartite Collaboration

The EOSC Tripartite Governance is a concept of strategic coordination between the EU represented by the Commission, the EOSC Association, and the Member States and Associated Countries involved in the EOSC Steering Board to resource and support the implementation of the EOSC environment in Europe, advancing an open science system and aligning national and EU policies to improve the production of FAIR research output.

Together, we can create a European Research Data Commons

In joining us you will:

  • Shape the European Open Science Cloud;
  • Guide the strategy for the EOSC implementation phase;
  • Participate in Advisory Groups and General Assembly meetings;
  • Engage in policy dialogues;
  • Network with like-minded people.