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France has a long tradition of open science, and this is being reflected in the country’s enthusiastic participation in EOSC-related initiatives. After the publication of the national Open Science plan, which explicitly includes the participation in the EOSC, in summer 2018, the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) has been putting in place a Coordination committee for services and e-infrastructures (CoSIN), with a special focus on the EOSC.

As part of this activity, a national working group has been created including the main French EOSC stakeholder organisations and the ministry to advance the coordination of EOSC related activities in France. One of the tasks of this group is to propose the mandated organisation for France in the newly established EOSC Association.

In parallel, a process of identifying the key e-infrastructures in the French computing landscape is ongoing. The goal is to determine national and regional computing and data storing facilities, which are the crucial elements of the computing and data treatment effort for research and higher education in France.

Le Collège EOSC-France

Le Collège EOSC-France, which is a consortium of member organisations, is the national structure in France. It consists of delegates from research funding organisations, research performing organisations and service providers for research and a diverse range of priorities:

  • The Collège acts as an intermediary for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), to provide French users with transparent access to FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) data, services and e-infrastructures. The EOSC thus contributes to the advancement of research in France and Europe. It is also a pillar of the digital transition in France.
  • The Collège tries to pool digital services and infrastructures in France and to facilitate access to data and tools necessary for research. The CEF communicates on EOSC tools through various dissemination events, such as the EOSC-France days.
  • The Collège aims to support user communities in France on Open Science and is responsible for promoting and coordinating EOSC initiatives in France to ensure that French users can fully benefit from this European infrastructure.
  • The Collège brings together representatives from different communities, such as universities, research organisations, libraries and data centres. It works in collaboration with the EOSC Association and the EOSC Steering Board, which are the main governance bodies of the EOSC at European level.

Proposed by the Collège, the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria) was accepted as the mandated organisation for France in EOSC.

Events organised by the Collège:

Journées EOSC-France 2021:

Journées EOSC-France 2022:

Journées EOSC-France 2023:

Journées EOSC-France 2024:

National Events


Open science refers to the unhindered dissemination of results, methods and products from scientific research. It draws on the opportunity provided by recent digital progress to develop open access to publications and – as much as possible – data, source code and research methods.

Second French Plan for Open Science

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    Volker Beckmann

    The French delegate to the EOSC Steering Board speaks to the EOSC Association at the May 2023 6th General Assembly.