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Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

EOSC Steering Board representatives

Public research is organised under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science which manages and monitors the Danish Open Access Strategy as well as the National Strategy for Data Management based on the FAIR Principles. Denmark engages with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in order to allow the national research communities to take advantages of and add to the possibilities offered by the EOSC as a web of FAIR research data and services. There are Danish universities and organisations participating in EOSC projects, such as in Skills4EOSC, FAIR-IMPACT and EOSC-Nordic.

EOSC Denmark Coordination Forum

The objective of the EOSC Denmark Coordination Forum is to collect, share and use knowledge about EOSC nationally in order to integrate the EOSC in the research infrastructure, services and other support initiatives build up and provided for research in Denmark. Its main priorities (top 3) are:

  • Engaging stakeholders at national level into EOSC.
  • Offering a channel to connect the national stakeholders with the EOSC.
  • Coordinating EOSC activities at national level.

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Open Science policy at a national level is mainly coordinated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Since June 2012, the public sector funds and foundations in Denmark have a common Open Access policy. Based on Denmark’s National Strategy for Open Access adopted in June 2018 the goals and requirements of OA were tightened. The national FAIR RDM Strategy serves as policy with the respect the EU Open Data Directive.

National strategy for data management based on the FAIR principles

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    DeiC Conference 2023

    7-8 November 2023, Kolding, Denmark
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    NTE Nordic & Baltic

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