Tripartite Collaboration

Tripartite Governance

The EOSC Tripartite Governance is a concept of strategic coordination between the EU represented by the Commission, the EOSC Association, and the Member States and Associated Countries involved in the EOSC Steering Board to resource and support the implementation of the EOSC environment in Europe, advancing an open science system and aligning national and EU policies to improve the production of FAIRresearch output.

The Competitiveness Council of November 2021 placed the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) at the top of the ERA Policy Agenda for 2022-2024 to enable the open sharing and reuse of research outputs.

The Tripartite Governance will ensure dialogue and strategic coordination of the policy implementation objectives of the EOSC and its framework conditions as a pilot action to deepen the European Research Area (ERA).

Tripartite Events

In December 2021 the first event of the so-called EOSC Tripartite Collaboration was held online (read the report). The European-level event is held annually.

In order to more deeply engage the Member States and the Associated Countries in EOSC, the EOSC Association (EOSC-A) organises a series of EOSC National Tripartite Events. The component parts of the National Tripartite Events are the same as those of the European events, including the European Commission, the EOSC Steering Board representatives for the relevant country, and EOSC-A. These are complemented by the key EOSC actors at national level, especially the EOSC-A Mandated Organisations, representatives of EOSC-A Member and Observer organisations, relevant national funding agencies and national-level policy makers. Post-event reports and presentations from these events can usually be found on the individual country pages.

Tripartite parties

European Commission

Representing the European Union

EOSC Association

Representing the European research community

EOSC Steering Board

Representing EU Member States and Associated Countries

The EOSC Steering Board is composed of the 27 Member States and countries associated in specific programmes implementing Horizon Europe – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Associated Countries).


EU member states EU Member States

Associated Countries Associated Countries