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The overall objective of the Research Infrastructures Programme under Horizon Europe is to empower Europe through world-class and accessible research infrastructures, as part of an integrated European research and technology infrastructure landscape.

Research infrastructures (RIs), including the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), and technology infrastructures are fundamental enablers of research and technological innovation as well as drivers of multidisciplinary and data-intensive science.

The Research Infrastructures work programme is structured around five destinations, one of which is fully dedicated to the European Open Science Cloud: Destination – Enabling an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem (INFRAEOSC).

Destination: Enabling an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem (INFRAEOSC)
Aiming at delivering a “Web of FAIR Data and Services” for Science: a trusted virtual environment supporting Open Science, based on key horizontal core functions, with their corresponding e-infrastructures, and service layers accessible to researchers across disciplines throughout Europe.

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