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The ministry of Education and Research has appointed the coordination of the national participation and activities for the EOSC to the Norwegian Research Council. Norway has the National strategy on access to and sharing of research data in place. In the National Goals and Guidelines for Open Access to Research Articles (August 2017), the government’s goal is that all publicly funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024, and the government has established guidelines and measures for open access to research articles.

All Norwegian universities and most research performing university colleges have Open Access policies in place. In general, policies are focused on self-archiving and depositing publications in institutional repositories.

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National Structure for EOSC in Norway

In Norway, the national structure for EOSC is in planning. More information will be provided on the website of the Research Council of Norway in near future. The national structure will be aimed to mobilise Norwegian institutions with (national) research infrastructures to become member of EOSC AISBL and contribute to the implementation of EOSC. As per its main three priorities, the national structure will

  • Engage stakeholders at national level into EOSC
  • Disseminate and promote EOSC at national level
  • Coordinate EOSC activities at national level

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The Ministry of Education and Research and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) have a key role in the definition of the policies for Open Access and Open Science. In 2019, the Research Council of Norway published an overall policy for open science. It has three main objectives:

  • To contribute to a well-functioning science system
  • To contribute to sustainable societal development
  • To strengthen the public trust in science
Research Council Policy for Open Science

The Research Council Policy for Open Science: In effect from 2020

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