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With the adoption of the National Strategy for Open Science for years 2021-2028, Slovakia is progressing towards establishing Open Science as the new standard of scientific activities. The country is still much dependent on EU structural funds through the “Operational Programme Slovakia”, with a small contribution from national sources. The EOSC Secretariat is funded through the national project dedicated to support of the ERA.

National working group for international cooperation, research infrastructures and EOSC

Slovakia’s National EOSC working group (contact email: is an expert organisation that serves as a strategic and advisory body to establish the position of the country within EOSC. It coordinates the activities at national level into EOSC with members from the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI SR), the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Slovak Rector´s Conference, the Council for Higher Education, the Research Agency, the Slovak Research and Development Agency, national ESFRI delegate, representatives of Slovakia in research infrastructures, Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, Government Office of the Slovak Republic, SANET (Slovak Academic Network), and GAIA-X SK.

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information

The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI SR, contact email: is a public body under the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport established in 1938. It is the national information centre for science, technology, innovation and education and specialised scientific library of the Slovak Republic. It coordinates activities and ensures the operation of interdisciplinary R&D centres and national infrastructures for research, development, innovation and education. It also hosts the National Contact Points for HORIZON EUROPE and ensures operation of the Slovak Liaison Office for R&D in Brussels.

SVTI SR’s mission is to promote the development of science, technology and education in Slovakia by:

  • Building and operation of information systems for R&D; library and information funds,
  • Providing library and information services for wide expert public;
  • National Open Access point;
  • Organising activities to support the management and evaluation of research,
  • Development and higher education;
  • Preparing and implementing of support projects for research, development and education;
  • Popularising science and technology in society.

The organisation is also responsible for processing and provision of comprehensive information on behalf of the area of education (primary, secondary and higher education) and its financing, evaluation of activities of educational institutions, organizations working in the field of youth and sports, organizations dealing with the prevention of social-pathological phenomena and institutions active in the field of further training and their programs and activities.

CVTI SR also manages depository library for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Centre of Patent Information of the SR – PATLIB.


  • Policy Open Access and preservation of scientific information: targets of this policy include (1) to co-ordinate measures listed in European Commission Recommendation on “Access to and preservation of scientific information”; (2) to co-operate with the European Commission in exchanging experience and creation of common principles, standards and implementation measures within the European Research Area; (3) to co-operate with the European Commission in reporting about Recommendation implementation. The CVTI SR serves as the National Point of Reference for this policy.
  • National Strategy for Open Science (2021-2028): this policy includes the definition of the whole process from research planning, research activities (storage, management and analysis of research data), research results (publishing and long-term preservation) and financing the costs of open access publishing.

The National Strategy for Open Science 2021-2028 is organised around nine priorities:

  1. Suppporting open access to publicly funded research outputs,
  2. Supporting open access to research data and RDM,
  3. Supporting open science infrastructure development,
  4. Financial support to open science,
  5. Intellectual property rights and public licences,
  6. Supporting existing open IT solutions,
  7. Reinforcing academic community with open science skills,
  8. Reviewing research assessment criteria,
  9. Supporting citizen science.

The National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation, approved in March 2023, incorporates two measures in the corresponding action plan: “open data and open science” introduces the obligation for public authorities to share data for analytical and research activities, and “quality infrastructure” will reform access to and handling of shared research infrastructures to integrate them in EOSC. All activities will be realised under existing funding, i.e. there is no additional resources.

National Strategy for Open Science 2021-2028

The National Strategy for Open Science aims to improve the availability of the Slovak science results and change the system of research and evaluation processes towards greater transparency, reproducibility, and integrity. Download now arrow_forward

EOSC in Practice

Embracing the principles of transparency, reproducibility, and accessibility, these examples highlight the innovative approaches adopted by researchers across various disciplines. From open data sharing and collaborative platforms to pre-registration and open peer review, these practices enhance scientific integrity and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.


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