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DARIAH Annual Event 2024

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Lisbon, Portugal

Building on the topic of last year’s Theme Call, the DARIAH Annual Event 2024 will be dedicated to the topic of Workflows: Digital Methods for Reproducible Research Practices in the Arts and Humanities. We are looking for contributions that explore, assess, analyse and embody the challenges of designing, implementing, documenting and sharing digitally-enabled workflows in the context of arts and humanities research from a technical, methodological, infrastructural and conceptual point of view.

The Annual Event will be held in person in Lisbon, Portugal, June 18-21. The event will be hosted by NOVA FCSH, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, at Avenida de Berna campus of NOVA FCSH. June 18th will be a day for DARIAH internal meetings, followed by the conference on June 19th to June 21st. Accepted submissions are expected to be presented in-person.

DARIAH is a European Research Infrastructure for the Humanities and Arts. Its mission is to empower scholarly communities with digital methods to create, connect and share knowledge about culture and society.

The DARIAH Annual Event offers the DARIAH community and humanities scholars in general the possibility to present results and new ideas; to meet and network. Participation in the Annual Event is free of charge, but registration is required. Please make sure you register on time as the registration will be closing on June 4th.