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The National Government has been working on designing and implementing its open science policy. With respect to Open Data and research data preservation, the Spanish Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation EECTI 2021-2027 drives the development of repositories, open access to the research publications and fosters the Spanish contribution to the European Open Science Cloud.

At national level, the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research 2021-2023 includes strategies to promote open science, open access and strengthen research infrastructures and the inclusion of the Open Science paradigm in the funding, evaluation and communication of the scientific production.  Additionally, the Spanish Roadmap for the European Research Area Development Strategy 2020-2024 in its objective 2.1 states the need of accelerating the deployment of the European open science cloud to boost the innovation on AI and supports the contribution of national research infrastructures to EOSC.

Spain does not have a national EOSC initiative yet. The Spanish Network for e-Science (REEC), funded by the ministerial act CIN/658/2020, of July the 13th, 2020 is in progress to set up the interaction among the stakeholders. The coordinator of the REEC (Ignacio Blanquer) is also a member of the board of directors of the EOSC-A.

The major stakeholders involved in its construction are represented, on one hand by Research Performing Organizations (RPO) with the main participation of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), along with a large number of universities, the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology and several centres participating in ESFRIs (such as Instruct, ELIXIR, EMSO, SKA and LIFEWATCH-ERIC). On the other hand, Service Providers, such as the Spanish NREN, the centres of the Spanish Network for Supercomputing and the IBERGRID federation contribute with network, computing and storage resources.

The engagement of Spanish institutions in EOSC is high, including 15 Members and 15 Observers of the EOSC-A.  The REEC includes the Mandated Organisation, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) representing Research Performing Organisations as well as several Members that are part of the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) as Service Providers.

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The Spanish Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020 defines the policy for Open Access to research data subsidized with public resources. The published scientific journals funded by the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research 2017-2020 will be deposited in repositories.

Along with the strategies and policies for Open Science defied in the Spanish Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation EECTI 2021-2027 and the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research 2021-2023, the Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology (FECYT) has a working group to monitor to what extent Spanish repositories comply with Science Law open access clause, in compliance with the provisions of Article 37 of Law 14/2011, June 1, on Science, Technology and Innovation and the recommendations linked to the European agenda on open access and open science.

National Open Science Strategy 2023-2027

The Spanish government has approved its four-year National Open Science Strategy 2023-2027 (in Spanish). To prepare the strategy document, an assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses of the country’s Open Science profile was made, including possible opportunities and threats implicit in the strategy. Download now arrow_forward


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    Isabel Diaz – CSIC

    An interview with CSIC’s Deputy Vice President at the EOSC Association’s 6th General Assembly.
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    NTE Spain

    CSIC, Madrid, 19 September 2023