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National Tripartite Event Spain

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Instituto de Física Química Rocasolano (Salón de Actos)
Calle Serrano 138
Madrid, Spain
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The EOSC National Tripartite Event took place on September 19, 2023, in Madrid.

Under the auspices of the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU, the event brought together the three key actors in the governance of EOSC, namely the European Commission (EC), EOSC Steering Board (EOSC-SB), and the EOSC Association. Welcoming the entire community, this event provides a platform for alignment, guidance, and outreach to new stakeholders.

Last year, in October 2022, a joint tripartite event between Portugal and Spain was organised, in parallel to the IBERGRID Conference, in Faro. The event aimed to showcase success stories and best practices, raise awareness of the EOSC concept, share training opportunities, identify collaborations, and reinforce the Spanish and Portuguese EOSC ecosystem. In 2023, the NTE in Spain will focus on the alignment with the objectives of the EOSC Multi-Annual Report (Multi-Annual Report) MAR 23-24 (Expansion to production that generates added value) and MAR 25-27 (Expansion to develop impact from Open Science). These objectives will serve as a foundation for fostering progress and advancements within the EOSC framework.

Of particular interest during the event will be the exploration of Open Science in Data Intensive Scientific Communities, encompassing a diverse range of disciplines.

Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the latest developments in Astronomy, Photonics and Neutronics, Biodiversity, Social Sciences, Humanities, Health Data, Genomics Data, and Oceanography Data. The aim is to promote cross-disciplinary cooperation and foster a better understanding of the transformative potential of open science in these fields.

The draft programme promises a rich and engaging experience, featuring keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive and networking opportunities.

Participants can expect to gain valuable insights, establish new collaborations, and contribute to shaping the future of EOSC. Join us at the EOSC National Tripartite Event in Spain and be part of this collective movement.