Joint Communications & Outreach

The joint communications and outreach activities are designed to ensure that the outcomes of the EOSC Winter School are disseminated and promoted by leveraging the expertise of the members of the HE Communication and Engagement Working Group (HE C&E WG).

The Winter School will also offer the members of the HE C&E WG an opportunity to explore synergies on joint outreach and communication activities.


The joint communications and outreach activities will be organized in the following way:

  • On day 1 the HE C&E WG members will be joining the Opportunity Areas (OAs) parallel sessions on technical topics. 
  • On day 2 the HE C&E WG members will be joining the ”recap sessions” of the Opportunity Areas (OAs) to capture the progress of the discussions in the different breakout sessions and will attend the Impact Workshop sessions.
  • On day 3 the HE C&E WG members will have a joint session to summarize the outputs of the Winter School comms and outreach results and agree on the next steps.


The primary goals of the joint communications and outreach activities are:

  • To foster collaboration between the HE C&E WG and the HE Impact WG.
  • To gather and share valuable insights from the OA sessions for effective communication strategies.
  • To develop a joint communication plan that highlights the outcomes of the EOSC Winter School.


  • Promote the results of the Winter School;
  • Discuss joint communication activities for the projects;
  • Establish stronger networks and collaboration pathways between the HE C&E WG and the HE Impact WG.

Coordinator: TBC

DayActivityFormatModerator / FacilitatorContent – Participant Experience
Tuesday afternoonJoin OA Parallel SessionsTechnical DiscussionAll Engage in technical topics, gain insights for communication strategies.
Wednesday morningAttend Recap Meetings of OAsRecap MeetingAllSummarize OA sessions, identify key communication topics.
WednesdayJoin Impact WorkshopWorkshopAllCollaborative workshop with Impact WG, plan event outcomes.
Wednesday afternoonSecond Recap Meetings of the OAsDiscussionAllUpdate and review of OA sessions, refine communication plan.
Thursday morningJoint session to agree how to promote the results of the Winter SchoolStrategy SessionAllFinalize and agree on a joint communication plan for event outcomes.
Thursday 11:00 – 11:15Joint Communication PlanBriefingOne presentative from the groupOverview of the communication strategies and plans for HE projects.

Bios of the Joint Communications & Outreach sub-committee


Iiris Liinamaa (EOSC Focus) 

Iiris Liinamaa is a skilled professional with a strong background in project coordination and management. Currently, she holds the position of Project Coordinator at CSC – IT Center for Science, where she has been contributing since October 2021. Prior to this role, she served as a Junior Coordinator at the same organization for over two years.

EOSC-A Board of Directors

Sara Garavelli (EOSC-A Board Member)

Sara is a Director on the EOSC Association Board for the 2022-2024 term. She serves as the Strategic European Engagement and Coordination Development Manager at CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland. Additionally, Sara coordinates the EOSC Finnish Forum, a national structure supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for organizing EOSC activities and engagement at the country level. With over a decade of experience in stakeholder engagement, outreach, and international collaboration in research infrastructures, Sara holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master’s in Logistics and Organization for Industry and Commerce.