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In July 2021, the Icelandic Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2021 has been published, in line with the STPC’s policy and action plan for 2017-2019. Its intention is to focus on strengthening and establishing research infrastructures and working towards a culture that embraces open data and enables and strengthens participation by the Icelandic research community in European and international research cooperation. EOSC will be a feature in future policies.

Three of the seven universities in Iceland have policies on Open Access in place. Iceland takes part in four ESFRI/ERIC projects as well as in some EOSC projects such as EOSC Nordic. Iceland joined the LUMI consortium in 2020; the University of Iceland is assigned the role of the responsible organisation.

Science and Technology Policy Council and RANNIS

The Science and Technology Policy Council is responsible for setting public policy in matters of science and technology in Iceland. The role of the Science and Technology Policy Council is to support scientific research, science education and technological development in Iceland so as to strengthen the foundations of the Icelandic culture and increase the competitiveness of the economy. The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) supports research, research studies, technical development and innovation in Iceland. RANNIS cooperates closely with the  Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council  and provides professional assistance regarding the preparation and implementation of science and technology policy in Iceland.


Open access (OA) of science publications entails that published articles are available electronically on the Internet, free of charge to users and with minimal restrictions on use. There are two main types of open access publishing. The authors publish their articles either directly in open-access online journals or they deposit a post-print version of the articles in an open-access archive. From January 2013 Rannís requires that scientific publications based on projects funded, entirely or partially by Rannís are published in open access unless otherwise agreed upon.

Open Science policies and resource provisioning in the Nordic and Baltic countries

The final report provides an update on the fragmented status of OS policies, the different choices for provisioning infrastructure resources and services in the participating countries, and the progress to establish an EOSC perspective within their national policies. Download now arrow_forward


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