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EOSC Steering Board representatives

In late 2019 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia initiated the Open Science Latvia landscape research with one of the main aims to create a roadmap of the Open Science policy. Several actions and initiatives to implement principles of Open Access/Open Science policies are taking place in Latvia.

The Latvian National Open Science Strategy 2021-2027 states that Open Science development is formed around three pillars: Open Access, FAIR Data and Citizen Science. It is devoted to the development of EOSC related activities, competencies and infrastructure. Latvia participates in EOSC projects and development, such as through EOSC Nordic.

Higher Education and Science Joint Digital Services Center

The EOSC National Structure is estimated to be established in 2022. Its main three priorities are to:

  • Develop and jointly procure high quality digital services for research institutions
  • Coordinate national stakeholders to address current and future needs
  • Coordinate EOSC activities at national level

Contact the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia:


In Latvia, the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM) is responsible for the national policy-making. The Latvian National Open Science Strategy 2021-2027 aims to:

  • Develop Open Access further
  • Create a Dataverse science data repository network with the FAIR principles as a key focal point and implement incentives for researchers based on developed evaluation criteria
  • Create a community of data stewards and implement an appropriate training programme for data stewards
  • Create the Higher Education and Science Information Technology Shared Service Centre to manage processes and represent Latvia in the EOSC Association

Open Science policies and resource provisioning in the Nordic and Baltic countries

The final report provides an update on the fragmented status of OS policies, the different choices for provisioning infrastructure resources and services in the participating countries, and the progress to establish an EOSC perspective within their national policies. Download now arrow_forward


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