Register: EOSC-A 8th General Assembly

The EOSC-A GA#8 will be an in-person, lunch-to-lunch event on Monday and Tuesday, 27-28 May. The meeting will be held at Irish College Leuven, in the beautiful and historic city of Leuven, Belgium.

All participants, including Delegates/Deputy Delegates and Representatives/Deputy Representatives of all EOSC-A Members and Observers, are invited to register using the webform below.

Note that multiple people from the same organisation can attend, however only one person will be able to vote.

Leuven Town Hall

Roles at the GA

  • Delegate/Deputy Delegate: represents an EOSC-A Mandated Organisation or Member and holds voting rights
  • Representative/Delegate Representatives: represent an EOSC-A Observer
  • Participant (non-delegate): affiliate of an EOSC-A Member or Observer but is not the official Delegate or Representative
  • Guest: only European Commission or EOSC Steering Board representatives


If the official Delegate/Deputy delegate cannot join the Assembly, it is possible to:

  • Appoint another person from your organisation as a Delegate by writing to by 13 May 2024.
  • Hand in a proxy to a Delegate of another EOSC-A Member organisation by filling in the webform below. In the field “Role at the General Assembly” select “Delegate of my organisation, I cannot attend and want to appoint a proxy”, and you will be prompted to enter the proxy’s details.

All up-to-date information on GA#8 is available here. If you have any question please contact

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