Open Call for EOSC Association Task Force Members

Strategic reorganisation of Task Forces

Following the completion of the two-year mandate of the original 13 EOSC-A TFs (2021-2023), a comprehensive assessment was undertaken by the EOSC-A Board in interaction with the Task Forces. The Board not only determined the continuation, suspension, or reconfiguration of existing TFs, but also reached a consensus on the creation of new TFs.

For each new TF, a Terms of Reference document has been drafted which defines the scope and activities of the TF through the end of the next mandate period (end of 2025). 

Terms of Reference


EOSC Technical and Semantic Interoperability Task Force


FAIR Metrics and Digital Objects
Task Force


Health Data
Task Force


Long-Term Data Retention
Task Force

Call for applications

The EOSC Association is delighted to invite qualified experts to apply to become a member of the new Task Forces.  

As a significant participant in the development and deployment of EOSC, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to the advancement of Open Science by liaising with EOSC-related Horizon Europe projects, offering feedback on developments, identifying strategic gaps and areas for investment, and by providing input to the EOSC Partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, or SRIA.

The new TFs will be constituted in May 2024, and will be operational before the summer break.

For further inquiries, please contact us at info (at)


The call for applications closed on Sunday, 21 April 2024.

How to apply

▹ Review the Terms of Reference documents for the individual TFs provided above.

▹ Fill out the online application form below, including your motivation letter, CV, and endorsement letter* from your organisation by 23:59 CEST on 21 April 2024. 

*The endorsement letter must be signed by the person in your institution who is responsible for your tasks and has the authority to sign for your participation on behalf of the organisation. If this is not possible or not applicable to your professional situation, please explain this in the endorsement letter.

*If your organisation is a Member or Observer of the EOSC Association, the EOSC-A delegate/representative from your organisation must co-sign the endorsement letter. 

Please note that in principle you can become a member of only one Task Force. The EOSC-A Board can make an exception to this principle. If you wish to apply to join more than one TF, please submit a separate application for each TF.

Eligibility criteria


The call is open to all expert-level stakeholders involved with the implementation of EOSC.

Commitment to engagement

Experts must be empowered and prepared to comply with the mandate to demonstrate consistent and continuous dedication to and active involvement in the TF. Members who regularly miss bi-weekly meetings may be retired from the TF.
Selection principles

Relevance of expertise

Alignment of a candidate’s expertise and experience with the respective TF objectives is crucial. Applicants should demonstrate that their knowledge and competences are relevant to achieving the TF’s goals as described in the Terms of Reference.

Individual participation

Candidates are in principle allowed to apply for participation in only one TF (see How to apply tab).

Gender balance

Gender balance will be considered where possible when selecting new TF members.

Board appointment

Appointments are determined by the EOSC-A Board of Directors following a thorough review of all eligible candidates to ensure that the TF as a whole is aligned with its strategic objectives and specific needs.

Organisational representation

To encourage diversity, it is preferred that only one individual from the same organisation becomes a member of a specific TF. (This restriction may be waived in specific instances based on valid considerations, such as in the case of very large institutions.)


Preference may be given to representatives from EOSC-A Member organisations.