Launch of the first online Additional Activities Survey

Launch of the first online Additional Activities Survey

EOSC Association is delighted to announce the launch of the Additional Activities Plan (AAP) 2022 survey.

The main purpose of the survey, running online between 24th January and 4th February 2022, is to collect information on in-kind and financial contributions of EOSC Association Members towards EOSC Partnerships’s objectives.

The AAP 2022 questionnaire is addressed to all the Association’s Members who, with the establishment of the co-programmed EOSC Partnership and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, committed to provide so-called Additional Activities of 500 million euro over the next ten years. Since these Additional Activities need to be monitored and reported on an annual basis, the survey comprises three sections: organization’s profile, monitoring the additional activities in 2022 and reporting on the additional activities in 2021. The third section is only available for Mandated Members who contributed to the Additional Activities Plan last year.

A link to the survey will be sent to the EOSC-A members in a dedicated email.

For any further questions on the AAP 2022 Survey, please see EOSC website or contact our Monitoring Team at .

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