Boosting EOSC with the support of EOSC Focus project

Boosting EOSC with the support of EOSC Focus project

On the 1st of June 2022 the new EC-funded Horizon Europe project EOSC Focus started. Coordinated by the EOSC Association EOSC Focus is the Coordination and Support Action that will support for a duration of three years the EOSC co-programmed Partnership in achieving the ambitious goals set in its Memorandum of Understanding.

As per its acronym, Focus stands for Focusing on Open, Collaboration and Useful Science, and EOSC Focus aims at:

    • Provide an effective stakeholder forum
    • Consolidate and enhance existing monitoring frameworks
    • Identify strategic gaps to inform future integrations of the SRIA
    • Develop and test resourcing models for a sustainable EOSC
    • Implement the EOSC Rules of Participation (RoP)
    • Collaborate with EOSC projects, other partnerships and international initiatives

Among the first significant steps, the project will support the European Commission (EC) and the European Research Executive Agency (REA)  in defining and implementing a Vademecum for the INFRAEOSC projects. The Vademecum aims at putting in place efficient collaboration and coordination measures among the INFRAEOSC projects and between the EOSC Association and the projects and at consolidating the EOSC  branding in a coherent way. The Vademecum is aimed to be published in September 2022. More information will follow closer to date!


The project will also offer coordination and operational support to the EOSC Association Task Forces and will work in close collaboration with the EOSC Association Board of Directors to advance the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and the EOSC monitoring framework. In this journey the EOSC Association will be supported by eight beneficiaries selected among its members last year:

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