Video: EOSC-A webinar on the EOSC Federation and the role of Nodes

The EOSC Association held back-to-back webinars on 16-17 January 2024 to provide our members with an overview of the progress towards the EOSC Federation and the evolution of the EOSC Nodes concept.

More than 40 participants joined on each day, providing EOSC-A with valuable feedback on the topics.

EOSC-A President Karel Luyben opened the webinar, and EOSC-A Board Member Bob Jones gave a detailed presentation based on the EOSC-A Board’s draft position paper on the EOSC Federation and the role of EOSC Nodes. Luyben and Jones then moderated a lively discussion among the participants that addressed several of the unresolved issues concerning the EOSC nodes and the Federation.

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