1 Jan 2024
31 Dec 2027


Open Science Clusters’ Action for Research and Society

The OSCARS project brings together ESFRI and other world-class research infrastructures organised in five “Science Clusters”—ENVRI-FAIR (environmental science), EOSC-Life (life science), ESCAPE (astronomy and particle physics), PaNOSC (neutron and light source science) and SSHOC (social science and humanities)—that have cooperated over the last four years to rise the efficiency and productivity of researchers by providing open data services and infrastructures for discovering, accessing, and reusing data. The proposed OSCARS project aims at combining individual cluster-based key activities and new shared strategic pathways towards two major objectives: (A) consolidating achievements from the five H2020 INFRA-EOSC-2018-01-04 projects into lasting interdisciplinary services and working practices; (B) leading and fostering the involvement of a broad range of research communities in EOSC via the development of new open science projects, that together will drive the uptake of FAIR-data-intensive research throughout the European Research Area (ERA).