1 Sep 2022
31 Aug 2025


FAIR EArth Sciences & Environment services

FAIR-EASE focuses on opening gateways for the earth and environmental sciences which require a large volume of data from sources such as satellite, in-situ observations, models, and even omics experiments. Earth system domains are interconnected, but the present digital architecture is based essentially on distributed and domain-dependent data repositories inducing real difficulties for integrated uses of all the environmental data. This creates barriers for several studies with large societal impacts, such as climate change, agriculture and food, human safety and health. To go beyond this state-of-the-art, the overall objective of FAIR-EASE is to customize and operate distributed and integrated services for observation and modelling of the Earth system, environment and biodiversity by improving their different components implemented in close cooperation with user-communities, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and research infrastructures in their design and sustainable availability.