Paola Ronzino
Task Force Support Officer

Paola Ronzino

Paola Ronzino joined the EOSC Association team in November 2022, as Consultant, in the role of Support Officer for three Task Forces: FAIR Metrics and Data Quality, Semantic Interoperability and Technical Interoperability of Data and Services.
Paola has a long experience in the management of European Projects and in supporting researchers and open research. She has been Project Manager for several EU projects coordinated by her institute (PIN, Polo Prato), among them ARIADNE and ARIADNEplus projects that integrated archaeological data infrastructures in Europe, PARTHENOS a cluster of European Research Infrastructures and 4CH, the future European Competence Centre (CC) on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. 
Before joining PIN, Paola was in charge of the management of several FP7 and National founded projects at The Cyprus Institute, in Cyprus.
Besides her role of project manager, Paola carried out her research concerning the definition of ontologies and standards for the documentation of archaeological buildings and the related historical resources. 
Paola holds a Ph.D in Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, with a specialization in Archaeology.

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