Task Force Support Officer

Julia Priess-Buchheit

Julia Priess-Buchheit (Prof. Dr. phil.) is an expert in learning open science, ethics and integrity, as well as in social technologies.

Currently, she conducts her research at Kiel University and accompanies the European Open Science Movement at Miller International Knowledge. Before this transition, she was a professor of Education and Didactics at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg (Academic Centre for Sciences and Humanities), where she implemented an interdisciplinary study program for all faculties. In 2020, she became the Dean of Studies at the Academic Centre for Sciences and Humanities and founded the (German-speaking) Teaching and Learning Scientific Practice network.

Since 2018, she has chaired the board of the Zentrum für Konstruktive Wissenschaft e.V. (ZKE), an interdisciplinary research group with a fifty-year tradition. She is one of the few coordinators of a Horizon2020 project (€ 2.5 million) associated with a university of applied sciences in Germany (and Europe).

In 2015, University Kiel awarded her the Innovative and Trendsetting Teaching prize; in 2019, she won the Genius Loci-Preis, together with the Coburger Weg team. Her latest digital learning settings for students and pupils are open source and won both the #WeForSchool Hackathon (Germany) and the #EUvsVirus Hackathon in 2020.

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