Senior Coordinator


Edith’s professional journey is marked by her adeptness in blending science, policy, and innovation in a management advisory role. 

Before becoming Senior Coordinator at the EOSC Association, Edith served as Advisor to the CEO on Research Infrastructure Policy at EBRAINS. Here, she made notable contributions to EBRAINS’ recognition as a new digital ESFRI research infrastructure and drove various aspects of the association’s management.

In her earlier roles at Deloitte Belgium, Edith showcased her acumen in R&D-Innovation incentives, developing strategies tailored to client needs in R&D tax incentives, funding, grants, intellectual property, and R&D process management.

Edith’s scientific expertise is also well-grounded. She was involved in groundbreaking projects at the Port of Antwerp, including the Hydroturbine Project, where she led scientific studies and played a crucial role in constructing facilities for hydropower generation. Her experience as a Visiting Researcher at the Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium and as a Postdoctoral at the University of Antwerp further highlights her strong foundation in research, particularly in the field of Soft Condensed Matter.

Her academic background includes a Doctorate in Physics by the University of Antwerp and University of Guanajuato focusing on theoretical and computational modelling of colloidal suspensions. Edith is now on her way to obtaining (in 2024) an Executive Master in International Association Management at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.