Task Force Support Officer

Brina Klemenčič

On 1 November 2022, Brina Klemenčič became part of the EOSC-A Task Force Coordination & Support Function by taking on the role of Project Officer, namely Task Force Support Officer for the EOSC-A »PID Policy and lmplementation« Task Force.

She works as an Advisor for Open Science at the Informatics and Digital Library Department at the University of Maribor Library in Slovenia, where her work includes administration, dissemination, content creation and management, and co-organizing training and dissemination events in open science, RDM and EOSC-related topics. Since 2019 she has been involved in the Horizon 2020 regional EOSC project NI4OS-Europe.

She is active in establishing and coordinating the Slovenian national open science cloud initiative, the Slovenian Open Science Community.

Support Officer for: