Scientific Lake as a Service

Q4 2025
  • Implementation challenges
    • EOSC interoperability
  • Result description

    SciLake is building a data storage and analytics service to accommodate, manage, and expose heterogeneous scholarly content through domain-agnostic or domain-specific “Scientific Knowledge Graphs” together with relevant unstructured data (e.g., scientific texts). This is expected to facilitate the creation of customisable added-value services for various research communities.

    SciLake is building upon the OpenAIRE Graph and existing domain-specific knowledge graphs (e.g. the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph).

    Problem addressed

    “Scientific Lake as a Service” provides researchers with tools to create their own knowledge graphs and to integrate them with domain-agnostic science graphs to facilitate knowledge discovery and access. Because structured data is easier to retrieve, SciLake also includes tools for domain-specific experts to create structured knowledge graphs from unstructured information. As an example, the service will include text mining components that will allow users to extract information from texts and incorporate it into Scientific Knowledge Graphs. As a result, even researchers without data mining expertise will be able to access the data. The tools will also attempt to handle content in other languages besides English.

    Who can use the result

    EOSC technical operators, Researchers interested in extracting knowledge from textual data, knowledge graphs and other types of databases.


    Beta version: Q2 2024 Final: Q4 2025

    How to use the result

    The result will be available at the project website.

    Type of result