Open and Federated Infrastructure to Support Open Science-aware Responsible Research Assessment

Q4 2025
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    To enable responsible research assessment (RRA) and Open Science (OS) to be adopted, GraspOS will deliver an open and federated infrastructure architecture that will incorporate valuable data sources (e.g., the OpenAIRE Graph, OpenCitations) and will offer (a) unified ways to access their contents, (b) services to enrich their contents with missing metadata that can be valuable for the implementation of OS-aware RRA processes, and (c) OS monitoring services on top of them.

    Problem addressed

    GraspOS aims to deliver a federated infrastructure to support research assessment processes by incorporating and making available a set of valuable data sources, tools, and services. The focus of this infrastructure will be on facilitating Open-Science-aware Responsible Research Assessment (OS-aware RRA) essentially catalysing the creation of an open and federated research assessment dataspace. The infrastructure is designed to be modular and scalable, allowing for the integration of new components and data sources, as needed. It is also designed to be open and accessible, enabling the research community to contribute to its development and use. The infrastructure is based on a federated architecture and is distributed across multiple components to be more resilient and adaptable to changing needs and contexts. Special care is given so that all components of the GraspOS infrastructure will be part of the EOSC ecosystem.

    Problem addressed: The aforementioned infrastructure architecture aims to pave the way for the creation of an open research assessment dataspace and will showcase the value of such a dataspace based on the activities of the project pilots.

    Who can use the result

    Everyone (the infrastructure architecture will be open)


    Final results will be available by the end of the project late 2025. Intermediate results have been made available since the end 2023.

    How to use the result

    The result will be available at the project website

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