Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework

Q2 2024
  • Implementation challenges
    • EOSC interoperability
  • Result description

    List of existing and emerging standards corresponding to a set of functional requirements to support the next level of interoperability. This provides a ‘lingua franca’ consisting of a set of cross-domain standard which can be adopted, or against which current domain practices (metadata standards etc) can be mapped.

    Problem addressed

    The aim is to create a cross-domain interoperability framework provides functionality far beyond simple catalogue level metadata. It provides a set of recommendations for necessary functional requirement to implement the FAIR principles, including assessment of data, controlled access, interoperability and data integration / combination, and reuse. It does so through a set of existing or emerging cross-domain standards and will provide a strong basis to support the interoperability and reuse of data for interdisciplinary grand challenge research areas.

    Who can use the result

    Any community or discipline interested in interdisciplinary research using data from different domains. The primary target users are institutions providing data services (combined data products) for particular cross-domain research questions.


    The recommendations are expected by the end of the project in mid-2024. A preliminary 12-month progress review was successfully completed by the project in June 2023.

    How to use the result

    The result will be available on the WorldFAIR Zenodo community.