National Science Library of Georgia

The National Science Library was founded in 1941, in Tbilisi. In 2006 the National Science Library was formed as an independent legal entity. Currently, the National Science Library is one of the largest libraries in Georgia with a collection of 4 million books of which more than 600,000 are foreign publications. The latest information technologies are intensively introduced in the library.

Since 2012 the National Science Library of Georgia has been actively participating in the development of OS  in Georgia in different ways, namely: 1. Making accessible academic resources to the Georgian community; 2. Conducting training and workshops; 3. Creating open infrastructures.

The National Science Library of Georgia has been making accessible academic research databases of journals (around 15 databases) and books (around 5 databases) to the Georgian academic community.

The National Science Library regularly conducts training and workshops for young and experienced scientists and university students. The subjects of the training and workshops concern open access academic publishing, academic integrity, academic databases, bibliography management, etc.

  • OPENSCIENCE.GE – “Digital Repository of Georgian Scientific Works” is the national level Open Access digital repository. It was created by the National Science Library of Georgia and Georgian Integrated Library Information System Consortium (GILISC) in 2018. This service increases the visibility of Georgian scientific community’s research and the materials within it are centrally stored and preserved. From 2022 the repository is available in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The joint repository – is the first resource to become a member of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Through this repository, the works of our scientists become findable, accessible and usable all over the world. stores Georgian scientific articles, monographs, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses and other materials in electronic format. 
  • The second joint project of National Science Library of Georgia  and (GILISC) is  – an OJS based platform of open access academic journals published in Georgia created in 2017. The mission of the platform is to help Georgian academic institutions and scientists with the transition from traditional to digital open access publishing. Currently the platform contains around 45 academic journals and aims to become the largest publishing platform of academic journals in Georgia. Apart from the current and archival volumes and issues of the academic journals the platform contains guides and translations of useful resources for journal editors and authors. 
  • The third project,  is a DSpace based repository of digitised materials preserved in the National Science Library of Georgia. The repository contains around 8000 digitised materials, among them: library collections, serial materials, manuscripts, photos, etc. The repository is freely accessible to the readers as from within the library so remotely.