A series of Tripartite Events are coming-up

Tripartite Events

In the context of the European Research Area, EOSC is a priority action and EU Member States are now in the decision making process for presenting their commitments and substantiating them with national policies and programmes.

The first European Tripartite Event took place in December 2021. The event was attended by more than 70 participants representing the three parties: the EOSC Association (EOSC-A), the European Commission (EC), and delegates from the Member States and Associated Countries (MS/AC) of the EOSC Steering Board. It was decided to take this event format out to a national or regional level to bring key stakeholders of the three parties (national funders and policy makers, the EC, and the community) together to address national/regional priorities, specific needs, and concrete actions. National and regional rganisations have an important role to play, stimulating the EOSC stakeholders to participate in this European/global challenge. 

The EOSC Steering Board delegates, together with the EOSC-A Mandated Organisations, have taken action and are working on the organisation of a series of National Tripartite Events involving fourteen countries and several hundred relevant organisations. The list below shows the Tripartite Events that have been confirmed; other Tripartite Events are expected to be announced.

Designed to be a privileged occasion to engage stakeholders and discuss EOSC development priorities, these events are crucial to establish and shape dialogue on EOSC-related topics on a national or regional level. 

A first look at the preliminary programmes reveals common challenges such as the need to perform outreach to the EOSC community, to further increase dialogue and to exchange best practices between stakeholders. Tripartite Events at the national and regional levels also contribute to stimulate and support coordination between ministries and funding agencies, research performing organisations, services providers as well as the community at large. Closer to the events, a detailed set of topics to be discussed will be published.

Besides the national and regional Tripartite Events, the second European Tripartite Event will happen, co-located with the EOSC Symposium. At this upcoming 2nd European Tripartite Event, participation is expected of the current trio of the Council Presidency Countries (France, Czech Republic and Sweden) as well as EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

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