Results of Horizon 2020 EOSC-related Projects


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is taking shape thanks to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe grant projects which are producing standards, services and tools to support the sustainable and federated infrastructure for the sharing of scientific results.

A new report published by the EOSC Association and the Research Data Alliance, provides a unique overview of the European landscape as it evolves and sheds light on how these projects are contributing to the implementation of EOSC.

Essential reading at this year’s EOSC Symposium which brings together over 400 stakeholders from the EOSC community, the report provides fresh insight into establishing a continuum between the sunsetting H2020 projects and the new Horizon Europe projects.

The report showcases a total of 119 exploitable results, demonstrating the broad range activities taking place in Europe. These focus on a variety of result types such as harmonisation of technology or policy, the creation of Virtual research environments (VRE) and knowledge centres. With the implementation phase of EOSC well underway and H2020 projects near the end of their lifetime, the majority of results are either at a prototype or operational phase. The results of the study, also provide insight into the sustainability and internationalisation capacity of results which is a key indicator for how they can survive beyond funding and fit into a broader global context.

Importantly, the report also maps each result to the most relevant EOSC Advisory Groups and Task Forces who are tasked with steering the implementation of EOSC. This provides unique insight on developments as well as gaps and areas for investment for the future. 

The results are essential for the realisation of EOSC which ultimately will offer researchers open and seamless services for storing, managing, analysing and re-using research data, accelerate the creation of new knowledge and spurring innovation. This can lead to new insights and innovations, higher research productivity and improved reproducibility in science. 

Download the Delivering for EOSC: Key Exploitable Results of the Horizon 2020 EOSC-related projects (Summary report) to get an immediate overview of the surveyed projects’ results or download the full version to get an in-depth analysis of the collected data and envisaged recommendations from the EOSC Association.

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