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The EOSC Association has established five Advisory Groups (AGs) focusing on overarching themes that are important for the realisation of EOSC which consist of Task Forces (TFs) working on specific topics related to the AGs. 

The TF “Researcher Careers, Recognition, and Credit” is part of the AG on Research Careers and Curricula. This TF aims to address incentives and rewards for researchers to manage and share their data, code and other research outputs, activities, and processes, making criteria of Open Science and FAIR principles an integral part of academic career progression and grant assessment processes. Current members of the task force are listed here and the TF charter is available here

A call for nominations of members to join the TF “Researcher Careers, Recognition, and Credit” is now open. Nominations will be considered on a rolling basis in order to fill vacancies. Incoming nominations will be evaluated by the TF, which will propose new members to the Board of Directors (BoD) of the EOSC Association for confirmation. The call for nominations is open to all participants from EOSC Association Members and Observers and the wider EOSC stakeholder community. Nominated persons should not be members of another existing TF. Please submit nominations through this webform.

According to the TF charter, the TF should involve as many stakeholder groups as possible. The size of the Task Force should be 20 to 25 members. Members should commit to active contribution in all discussions and participate in the development of all outputs of the group. The Task Force should pursue diverse representation in terms of gender, discipline, seniority, and geographical representation, and ensure that its activities and outputs are inclusive and promote equal opportunities.

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