EOSC-A signs global Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

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On Friday, 17 February, the EOSC Association was formally recognized as a signatory to the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment, sponsored by the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, CoARA. This fast-moving initiative is approaching 500 organisational signatories to the Agreement, and reported more than 300 organisations participating in its constitutive assembly on 1 December 2022.

Read the 23-page agreement here

“It is very much in line with the mission of the EOSC Association to formally join this Agreement and to support the work of CoARA, with whom we share not only a common agenda on the reform of research assessment, but also many common members,” says Karel Luyben, President of the EOSC Association.

CoARA brings together a wide range of organisations involved in research assessment and their respective associations, including research funding organisations, research performing organisations, national/regional assessment authorities and agencies, learned societies and researcher organisations. Within the coalition, signatories of the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment will come together to facilitate exchanges of information and mutual learning between all those willing to improve research assessment practices and to enable systemic reform on the basis of the commitments outlined in the Agreement.

According to CoARA: “The Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment sets a shared direction for changes in assessment practices for research, researchers and research performing organisations, with the overarching goal to maximise the quality and impact of research. The Agreement includes the principles, commitments and timeframe for reforms and lays out the principles for a Coalition of organisations willing to work together in implementing the changes.”

All of the signatories to the agreement can be found on the CoARA website.

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