Consultation for EOSC Procurement


With the publication of the Prior Information Notice the European Commission invites potential market players from industry and the research community to participate in the preliminary market consultation for the upcoming European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) procurement. During the open market consultation, the Commission seeks, in particular, feedback on the procurement approaches, technical challenges and possible solutions.

The webinars will be scheduled on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at 14.00 -16.00 CEST and on Thursday, 9 June 2022 at 10.00 -12.00 CEST. During these online webinars, interested parties will have the opportunity to learn more about the procurement process and the envisioned deliverables.

The procurement will build and deploy an operational, secure, cloud based EOSC infrastructure, including a federated EOSC Core Platform and the EOSC Exchange, offering high quality professional services and superior user experience for a large number of users, with the functionalities available 24/7.

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