New era of Czech science: EOSC implementation is entering a hot phase in the Czech Republic

BRNO — EOSC-CZ has announced the approval of funding and the launch of the active phase of a new Czech national-level EOSC implementation project.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has approved funding for the “IPs EOSC-CZ” project in Czechia, which officially launched its active phase on 4 September 2023. The EOSC-CZ project is a strategic project of the Jan Amos Comenius Programme (P JAC), which is financially supported by the MEYS CR to progress the scientific environment in the Czech Republic.

Together with the Czech National Technical Library of Technology’s “IPs CARDS” (Czech Academic and Research Discovery Services) project, which creates a unified environment for managing and searching information resources in the field of science and research, the EOSC-CZ project plays a crucial role in building the basis for better management, sharing, and searching of scientific data.

In the framework of these projects, specialists will prepare a national metadata directory that will allow scientists to easily find and use the scientific data already produced for their work. The EOSC-CZ project is a vital part of the implementation of EOSC in the Czech Republic and introduces other calls of the Open Science P JAC, where it will contribute, together with other planned projects, to the development of Open Science. You can read the press release below, and find more information at the Masaryk University Institute of Computer Science website.

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