National Agency for Research and Development (NARD)

Research-funding organisation

National Agency for Research and Development (NARD)Moldova

National Agency for Research and Development


National Agency for Research and Development is central administrative authority, which was established through the Decision no.196 from 28.02.2018 of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. NARD is performing its mission by developing national, bilateral and multilateral cooperation through JPI, ERA-Nets COFUND etc., supporting researcher’s mobility, promoting the concepts of research infrastructures, Smart Specialization, trainer technology actions, open science opportunities and serving as BHO for the EURAXESS Programme, Moldovan Scientific Diaspora members with RTDI Sector of Moldova. NARD is legal successor of rights and obligations of Center of International Projects, Agency for Innovation and Transfer Technology and Agency for Research and Development, public institutions under Academy of Sciences of Moldova. As a legal successor of activities provided by those institutions all projects (H2020 EURAXESS TOP III, Water Works JPI 2014, Water Works JPI 2015, Climate JPI 2018, EaP Plus, NCP Academy, ERANET-RUS-PLUS etc), including host activities of promotion and development of Horizon 2020 Program, are undertaken by NARD.

Key activities:

Implements the state policy according to the action plans approved by the Government in order to transpose the National Program in the fields of research, innovation and development as well as to align national academia sector to the European Research Area;
Manages the approved budget for project financing, according to the normative framework.
Manages national development funds and funds from bilateral and multilateral programs launched under cooperation agreements with international organizations and foundations;
Monitors the activity of science and technological parks and innovation incubators in which residents implement innovation and technology transfer projects, as well as the activity of their managers;
Facilitates the partnership between public organizations and/or private companies.