The Association is comprised of Members and Observers.

Members and Observers must:

  • Be a legal entity established in accordance with the laws and customs of the country of origin or be constituted as an intergovernmental organisation pursuant to an international treaty in accordance with principles of international law. They cannot be a department of national governments or ministries;
  • Confirm in writing that they embrace and endorse the vision of the Association and adhere to its values;
  • Have a substantial and significant interest in, and potential contribution to or impact on, EOSC;
  • Fall into one or more of the following categories of organisations: a. Research funding organisation; b. Research performing organisation; c. Service providing organisation; d. Other organisation.

All Members should have a presence in an EU Member State or Associated Country, or any other country associated with the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Observers may be established outside this area. Each Member State or Associated Country that has one or more organisations that are Members of the Association may appoint one Member to act as its Mandated Organisation, to represent national interests. In addition, the EIROforum is permitted to mandate one of its members to represent the views of the Forum. Mandated Organisations can fall into any member category.

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association and is composed of one Delegate per Member with voting rights and one Representative per Observer without voting rights.