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WEBINAR: Creating Community-Driven Pathways to Equitable Open Scholarly Publishing with CRAFT-OA, DIAMAS, and PALOMERA

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Join the webinar on 20 June at 1PM CEST to learn how three European Commission funded projects – CRAFT-OA, DIAMAS, and PALOMERA – are working for an equitable future for scholarly communication, with academic communities at the centre.

You will be introduced to each project and their individual aims. Following this, the discussion will focus on how, despite their separate focus areas, their efforts work towards a broad and common vision for a more open and equitable scholarly publishing ecosystem. CRAFT-OA is empowering regional journal platforms and publishing service providers to upscale, professionalise, and reach stronger interoperability with other scientific information systems, by providing services and tools. The DIAMAS project is developing common standards, guidelines and practices to build capacity for the Diamond publishing sector. Formulating recommendations of this kind aims to create a more sustainable future for OA Diamond Publishing in Europe. PALOMERA has set out to provide actionable recommendations and concrete resources to support and coordinate aligned funder and institutional policies for Open Access books. Doing so involves assessing challenges and bottlenecks that currently slow the widespread implementation of OA book policy.

Participants will have the chance to engage with the three projects and their vision for community-driven open scholarly publishing. Be part of this conversation and help us shape the future of Open Access as a community! DISCLAIMER: The information you provide will be handled in accordance with the DIAMAS project privacy policy. This event will be recorded, published and shared after the event – due to this all participant cameras are automatically turned off on entry to the Zoom meeting. The event has a maximum capacity of 500 persons.