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Smörgåsbord 2023

  • This event has passed.
Smörgåsbord 2023

The next edition of the GTN Smörgåsbord training event will take place on May 22-26, 2023! 
It will be free, online, self-paced, and choose-your-own-adventure style e-training event. It will feature all the content of previous editions, plus lots more! This includes training for Admins, Developers, and Scientists and will range from Genomisc, and Climate Science to Material Science and RDM. The EOSC EuroScienceGateway is co-organizing this event and provides training infrastructure via the European Galaxy server.

The preliminary program can be found on the course website. (Several modules are still in development, so check back regularly for the updated program!)

URL: https://gxy.io/smorgasbord3

Free registration is now open!

On behalf of the Galaxy Training Network community and the EuroScienceGateway

(If you want to learn more, check out our summary from the last year)