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The Potential of Research Data

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The potential of research data

Today, research largely consists of teamwork with research information managed and shared digitally across geographic boundaries and scientific disciplines. Universities, research-intensive companies and large-scale research infrastructures bring together people from all over the world, contributing to new discoveries, and addressing the societal challenges of our time and of the future.

How does digitalisation in research affect people and society today? What are the opportunities and challenges linked to collaboration on open data and research infrastructure? How can research infrastructure support new opportunities and benefits for society? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during the conference.

The conference will highlight the role of research infrastructures and data in the digital era, and focus on measures that increase access to research infrastructures – and to their data and services – for researchers, businesses and society at large.

Full programme and live stream

Karel Luyben, EOSC Association President, joins Day 1 at 14:00-14:45 CEST in the Panel Discussion 4: “Highlights on people and collaboration: What are the obstacles to progress?”, while EOSC Association Director Bob Jones takes part in Day 2 at 11:00-12:00 CEST, during the Parallel session 3: “Long-term financing for sustainable research infrastructures and data”.

19 June 2023 – Plenary Live stream

20 June 2023 – Live stream for parallel session 3

Full programme and live stream