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Open Science Week, CVTI SR

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Resources and Videos

On the occasion of Open Access Week, the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI SR) is organising a series of interesting webinars on topics in various areas of open science.

Citizen Science in Slovakia – 24.10.2023 (10:00 CEST):

Public involvement in scientific research referred to worldwide as citizen science can take many forms and has proven its usefulness for both parties in many fields.

Zuzana Stožická (CVTI SR) will briefly present citizen science benefits for science and society. The core of the webinar will consist of presentations by representatives of Slovak projects with features of citizen science.

  • Alžbeta Ďurecová (Radon GPS – measurement and elimination of radon risk in cooperation with citizens),
  • Noema Kmecová (Mačkast podcast connecting the cat breeding community with current scientific research),
  • Anton Krištín (Orthoptera.sk – a Facebook group and website where nature enthusiasts share their observations of grasshoppers and locusts and help map the distribution of individual species),
  • Zuzana Gallayová (Green School, an environmental education programme for schools in which pupils work with teachers and other stakeholders to identify and solve environmental problems in schools).

Link to connect: https://video.nti.sk/live?257486LEVJDRY748

The credibility of social science research: the role of open science and meta-research – 25.10.2023 (10:00 -11:00 CEST)

Meta-research in the social sciences has long indicated the problematic credibility of their findings. This webinar will briefly touch on issues of reproducibility and replicability of empirical research and practices that help improve them. Using examples of the activities of local and international initiatives, the webinar will map the current state of knowledge and discuss responsible research practices and their implementation.

Speaker: Matúš Adamkovič – Centre for Social and Psychological Sciences, SAS, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Link to connect: https://video.nti.sk/live?258987CCX7IA8722

Current developments in diamond (non-commercial) open access – 26.10.2023 (10:00 – 11:00 CEST)

The webinar will cover new developments in non-commercial open-access publishing, also known as diamond open access. The presentation will update newly launched European projects, community platforms and local Diamond Way initiatives.

Speaker: Matej Harvát (CVTI SR –the Contact Office of Open Access)

Link to connect: https://video.nti.sk/live?2592937MIH03WO33