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NORDUnet Conference 2024 – NDN2024


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Dreggsallmenningen 1, 5003 Bergen, Norway





This 32nd edition will take place on 10th-12th September, 2024 in Bergen, Norway where Norwegian NREN Sikt together with NORDUnet will welcome everybody with a vested interest in the research and education community.

In line with the long-established way of shaping the conference there will be plenary sessions with compelling keynote speakers, parallel sessions that cover some of the most recent and relevant topics, ample room for hallway conversations, not forgetting the social networking events such as the opening reception and the dinner.

Participation continues to be both relevant to NREN and Campus staff, including researchers and scientists from all areas.

We will meet up at the Radisson Blu Hotel where the programme will unfold.

Registration will open in December, 2023