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National Tripartite Event Bulgaria

  • This event has passed.

The Tripartite Event Bulgaria took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 28 March 2023.

The Bulgarian Open Science Plan aims to maintain a trusted infrastructure for open science publications and data, to create incentives for researchers, to adopt the practices and to align the national and institutional policies. The other activities are promotion of the practices and fostering the new skills and competences. The Ministry of Education and Science together with the National Centre for Information and Documentation run a Bulgarian portal for open science. A number of research performing organisations in Bulgaria have signed a Memorandum for cooperation in the field of open science.

The EOSC Tripartite Event brought together all EU and national actors involved in open science policies and practices. The aim of the event was to introduce and raise the awareness of the RPO and RFO and to bring to the attention of the audience the last EOSC papers on the data literacy, EOSC funding mechanisms and on the monitoring of EOSC implementation at all levels, including awards and assessment. The event contributed to the national vision on EOSC policy and the institutional OS plans’ design and implementation. It was a platform for the researchers and research managers to meet the EOSC key actors and to discuss a combined efforts and expected benefits.

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