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Jornadas Científicas 2023

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Open Science represents an approach to science that is collaborative, transparent and accessible, facilitating the sharing and communication of processes and results. There is a wide range of activities in Open Science, including open access publishing, open data and open peer review.

It also includes, however, open innovation and citizen science, or more broadly, stakeholder engagement , where companies and other partners, including citizens, directly participate in the investigation.

Open Science goes hand in hand with integrity and ethics on the part of researchers, it improves the transparency and reproducibility of research, as well as the public ownership of science, especially that which is publicly funded. For Open Science to become widespread, it is necessary to include Open Science practices in performance assessment and career development plans, as well as in evaluation criteria for funding projects and institutions.

The opening lecture will generically address issues of open science and innovation, followed by three thematic sessions, in a round table format, with guests and plenary participation.

Before and during the event, electronic posters will be presented (see here the Digital Posters) in which the University of Lisbon will publicise its interdisciplinary activities and impact on society.

In this second edition of the Scientific Days of the University of Lisbon, the ULisboa Atlas of Associate Laboratories 2023 is published, which gathers information on the 21 Associated Laboratories in which the University of Lisbon is a leader or participant, namely the scientific area of activity, strategic objectives, activities and impact.