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I-ADOPT Framework for FAIR variables and metadata description – Event 1

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The training introduces the concept of I-Adopt, offers opportunities to experiment with real live examples from daily practice and to discuss issues related to these experiments and receive advice on your approach. After the training, participants will be able to discuss the main elements of the I-Adopt framework, evaluate its usefulness in their RI and, if interested, participate actively in the I-ADOPT discussions under github or in the I-ADOPT Task Group under the auspices of the RDA VSSIG (Vocabulary Services Interest Group); the follow-up group to gain further knowledge and contribute to the maturing of the concept.

The RDA I-ADOPT offers a way to compile clear and unambiguous definitions of variables in a standardised way. It helps you to describe concepts at different levels, ranging from overarching classes (“soil composition”) down to the very detailed (“soil water content, measured in a mineral soil matrix below root depth”). You can create and register your own definitions, or reuse those of others, and once in place use them to tag your RI’s datasets.

The formalised descriptions empower the FAIR principles in many ways, for example by facilitating searches across data portals (F+A) and enabling machine-driven interpretation and use of data and metadata (I+R).

ENVRI-FAIR WP6 is organising two training events that will help you to learn more about the I-ADOPT framework and the benefit this can generate for your RI.

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