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EuroScience Open Forum 2024

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Katowice, Poland



The EuroScience Open Forum is a biennial meeting designed to offer the scientific community a platform for interdisciplinary and intersectional debate about scientific culture, scientific research, and innovation. It is created for the society’s benefit and carried out with the society’s participation.

The main goal of the ESOF2024 conference is to explore the connections between science and society, the conditions for conducting research, and their impact on society. We aim to stimulate debate on social changes related to science and analyze the social, cultural, and economic consequences of scientific breakthroughs at regional, national, European, and global levels. In the face of global challenges and to enhance international scientific cooperation, scientists want to discuss science as a factor of change in our lives and how the very life changes science.

The programme includes lectures, seminars, a debate, workshops, poster presentations and exhibitions, interactive sessions, and a wide array of public engagement forms. The theme for the ESOF2024 is: Life changes science. Katowice will host Europe’s and the world’s leading personalities in the world of science, academic researchers, representatives of public and non-public institutions supporting science, business people, representatives of media, and those interested in the role of science in the contemporary world.