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A common thread that runs through almost all citizen science initiatives is their collection and generation of data. With the expanding scope of these initiatives, we are seeing an unprecedented increase in data. This data, when transformed into knowledge, is invaluable not only for deepening our understanding of scientific and social phenomena but also for its crucial role in informing evidence-based policy-making. The transition from raw data to knowledge, however, is dependent on several factors. Key among these is the application of good data practices and the establishment of comprehensive data infrastructures. Moreover, for the citizen science community, embracing the principles of open science, open data and adhering to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) standards and CARE principles are crucial steps, among other strategic approaches, to fully capitalise on citizen-generated data.

This year’s cluster event is set to highlight the importance of strengthening data practices and infrastructures within the European citizen science landscape. The event is structured not to overwhelm with technical data specifics but to offer a welcoming environment for everyone from the citizen science community. The event will act as a forum for gaining a deeper understanding of the essential matters concerning data practices and infrastructures. It will enable participants to reflect on how these developments can be tailored to and supportive of their own needs and objectives within their citizen science projects.



  1. To promote networking between the citizen science community and EU representatives.
  2. To provide a space to exchange practical experiences and lessons learnt around the topic of data, more specifically data practices, services and infrastructures.
  3. To understand and highlight the needs of the CS community in terms of data practices, services and infrastructure and thus help shape the work CSIC is doing in the ECS project (e.g., for the development of Citizen Science Data Acquisition Infrastructures).