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Data For All: Advancing Open Science and Fair Principles

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SIBB Incubator
Oranienplatz 4
Berlin, 10999
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Falling Walls Foundation

Join us for an interactive workshop to discuss the future of science.

sci2sci (https://www.sci2sci.com/)
SIBB (Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg, https://www.sibb.de/) as part of Berlin Science Week
Falling Walls Foundation (https://falling-walls.com/)

As we navigate the digital age, the free flow of scientific data has never been more essential. Yet, we still face problems with data sharing and accessibility. We will discuss critical issues with the current practices of research results dissemination and ways to circumvent them. The event focuses on an interactive process where participants are encouraged to brainstorm solutions to the most burning needs in the field and present them to the rest of the audience for feedback and discussion.

🔍 Spotlight Topics:

Redefining Recognition: Understand how we can measure a scientist’s contribution in the realm of open science and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data practices.
Empowering Collaboration: Explore ways to reward collective efforts, steering away from the confines of competition-driven science.
Bridging Eras: Navigating the shift towards open sharing without alienating established scientific figures, and ensuring that the legacies of traditional merits integrate seamlessly into our new paradigm.
Beyond Publication: Cultivating an attitude where publishing isn’t the end, but a step in the continuous journey towards refined and evolving knowledge.
Transparent Reviewing: Delve into the merits and mechanisms of open post-publication peer reviews.
Interdisciplinary Synthesis: Learn strategies to weave together insights across disciplines, paving the way for a holistic understanding of nature.

💡 Brainstorming Session: Roll up your sleeves and collaborate with peers as we ideate solutions for a more open and inclusive scientific ecosystem.

🚀 Elevate the science infrastructure, champion open data, and become part of the movement to shape a brighter, data-driven future for all!

📅 Reserve your seat and let’s create a world where data truly is for all! #DataForAll2023 🌐