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BY-COVID industry event

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BY-COVID industry event

Purpose: Identify opportunities for data driven innovation in infectious diseases, join a network of specialists and explore potential collaborations with the BY-COVID project.

Target audience: Specialists in using open source software or openly available data of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases in their internal pipelines/business model from the following sectors:

  • Diagnostics
  • Pharma
  • Biotech-/bioinformatics companies
  • Contract Research Organisation/Contract Manufacturing Organisation
  • Consulting
  • Medical Devices
  • Hospitals/healthcare providers

This virtual event is organized under the EU project BeYond-COVID (BY-COVID), a project that aims to provide comprehensive open data on SARS-CoV-2 and other infectious diseases across scientific, medical, public health and policy domains. Under this initiative, we are providing a virtual space for BY-COVID partners to engage with industry communities and ensure that we can find collaborative solutions for making COVID-19 and other infectious disease data available for innovation.

The main themes of the day will be the following:

  • Repurposing data & software tools for a faster future health crisis response: How open source code and open or FAIR data were used in industrial needs during the COVID crisis and what researchers are looking for.
  • Novel technologies and innovative projects tackling global disease burden developed during the pandemic: How novel tools could improve data quality, enable high data extraction from samples, or build robust prediction models.
  • The societal impacts of a pandemics: An assessment of the impact of interventions and lessons learned

This access day is the first of a series of events, and the audience will have the opportunity to hear about examples of public-private collaborations, introduce themselves and their innovative projects through flash talks.

Programme outline:

  • Presentations on examples of public-private collaborations
  • Flash talks* by industry on the main themes of the day
  • Thematic roundtable discussions (break out virtual rooms; discussion outcomes will become available online at the end of the event) and debriefs

*Register to present your industry’s approach to data driven innovation in infectious diseases and how open resources, like the COVID-19 data portal contributes to your company’s achievements.