Data stewardship, curricula and career paths

The Task Force Data stewardship, curriculum and career paths will focus on the Data Stewards role and their core activities.

To help researchers to make FAIR data it is necessary to have professional staff. To keep professional staff, we need to have a common curriculum for their skills and possibilities for career paths.

The Data stewardship, curricula and career paths Task Force focuses on the Data Stewards role and their core activities.  The TF is engaging with all stakeholders, including for example the RDA Group on Professionalizing Data Stewardship and EUA, but also with other EOSC-A Task forces. We aim to build on the extensive work done by all stakeholders, including the recommendations from the Digital Skills for FAIR and Open Science report  of the EOSC Working Group Skills & Training. The TF will consolidate current insights, recommendations and implementation examples and make them available for all stakeholders. The two main work streams in the TF are focussing on the minimal curriculum and on the career paths for data stewards. Since the TF is rather small, we welcome new members. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.


Basalti, Chiara
Bianchini, Federico
University of Oslo
Blümel, Ina
Blumer, Eliane
Bracco, Laetitia
University of Lorraine
Claes, Nathalie
KU Leuven
Cournede, Constance
Université de Nantes
Fazekas-Paragh, Judit
University of Debrecen
Forni, Monica
University of Bologna
Frontini, Francesca
Galik, Małgorzata
Jagiellonian University
Gurwitz, Kim
Janik, Joanna
Kalová, Tereza
University of Vienna
Kuchma, Iryna
Legat, Dunja
University of Maribor
Lindroos, Hanna
Swedish University of Agricultural sciences
Luetcke, Henry
ETH Zürich
Meeus, Joke
Szuflita-Żurawska, Magdalena
Gdańsk University of Technology
Thorpe, Deborah
University College Cork
Wałek, Anna
Gdańsk University of Technology
Ward, Robyn
University of Nottingham
Wildgaard, Lorna
Copenhagen University Library